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Terry Mullan

Catalyst Recordings

Being a fan of music sometimes means nothing else matters. This is true to life for Chicago’s Terry Mullan. His ears were alert at the right time, if house music is your thing. Right smack in the middle of the blossoming house development of Chicago during the mid 80's, at an early age, Terry was already in tune with what was actually happening.
Although his roots began in hip-hop, Terry found himself smack in the middle of the Chicago house explosion. House and Disco were styles of music that were entirely new to Terry, but the match was struck. Faithfully listening and recording the then burgeoning Chicago airwaves, his nights during middle school were filled with the finest in Chicago house. DJ's like Farley “Jackmaster” funk, Fast Eddie, Armando, & Mike "Hitman" Wilson, via 102.7 WBMX. His mix tape collection fast became a fixture within his bedroom, constantly taping the shows, studying them. Some called it simulcasted education.
Soon after the house scene was all grown up, entered the acid house sound. Here Terry really found solace. It was that added flavor he was waiting for, something new, twisted, and forward. Now all the elements were coming together. And with the addition of the Detroit sound, this was it, three different languages, disco, house, and techno. They could all translate the same message together or apart from one another. This is how Terry is like a translator. With his fluent style, these languages reflect his DJ’ing as well as the tracks he's now composing, which is his way of furthering the evolution of dance music.
For the future, Terry is going beyond just knowing his machines. This sound is put to the test on his releases on Robsoul, Definitive, Control, Funk’d, CHC, Aciiieeed and on his own imprint Catalyst Recordings. Through his label he has released projects for the likes of DJ Sneak, Ian Pooley, Tyree Cooper, Halo Varga, Mazi, Dan Curtin, Bryan Zentz, Angel Alanis, & TJR, as well as for himself under the monikers, Acid OG’s, Speakerphreaker, Tone Broke, and as Serotonin Project on Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva’s former imprint Definitive which featured Terry’s track “Sidewinder” on the Chemical Brothers “Brother’s Gonna’ Work It Out” Mix CD. Additionally, Terry gained notoriety for his records under the alias Speakerphreaker which includes the largely successful “Products Of Our Environment” EP on Catalyst which was featured on Pete Tong’s Essential Selection on BBC Radio 1 in the UK & "La Nina/Nickel Bag Da Funk" EP on Smile which was licensed to several top DJ mix compilations. (Terry Mullan & Halo Varga collaboration).
Terry’s DJ’ing, label, and trax have earned him a reputation that extends worldwide. Never one to follow the masses, he borrowed from each genre to create what we all know to be Terry's sound, putting a bad ass twist on an otherwise conservative house scene.


Aug 02, 2009 - HAMMER OF THEE GODS @ Therapy Nightclub & Lounge

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