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PLUSH LOVE (Valentine's Day)

Friday, Feb 15, 2008 @ Therapy Nightclub & Lounge

21+ with ID

More Details TBA. This will be the best Valentines Party in Indy!


Originally from a small town in Kentucky, DJ Deanne currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana. Music has always been present in Deanne's life. As a child of young parents, Deanne grew up listening to late 70's and early 80's rock, funk, R&B and disco artists like Queen, Aerosmith, Isaac Hayes, Earth, Wind & Fire, Rick James and Donna Summer.

In junior high, Deanne would listen to the local college radio station that was playing the freshest music every Friday night. Unaware that it would ever play a part in her future, Deanne began developing her "DJ skills" making mix tapes of nothing more than a collection of the hottest songs recorded from the radio. "I can remember sitting in the dark, past my bedtime, with the music really low, so my mom wouldn't hear me. I would wait for hours for a certain song to come on, try and perfectly time recording the beginning and the ending of the song so that I got every beat. I would record the next song right behind the other with no gaps, commercials or DJ voices. I would just jam to those mixtapes, but always excited to make a new one. It seems pretty lame, but I had no idea that it would later be a part of my life."

In 1996 Deanne moved to Tampa and it was here that she got a taste of what club music was all about and what she had been missing by growing up in the Midwest. She immersed herself in the music, trying to find all the tracks she was hearing in the clubs. This continual search for the newest, freshest tracks ignited a fire and unveiled a passion.

It wasn't until she moved back to the Midwest, in 1999, that the pieces started falling into place. She began spinning at the only club in Bloomington, Indiana with a house music format. In the spring of 2003, Deanne moved to Indianapolis and made her Indy debut spinning at the official Indy Pride Festival T-Dance. Late in 2003, Deanne landed a prime Friday night weekly mix show slot on, Miami-based, Energy Internet Radio/ A few T-dances and special appearances later, she earned a monthly spot in the rotating line-up at Indy's hottest club, Talbott Street, which has hosted talents such as Paul Oakenfold, Gabriel and Dresden, Manny Lehman, Barry Harris, Mike Cruz, Twisted Dee, Tracy Young and many more.

With weekend attendance numbers near 1000 at the Indy club, Deanne is no stranger to holding a large dance floor captive to her style of mixing. With influences such as Chicago house legend, Ralphi Rosario, the masterful Junior Vasquez, and the perennial crowd-pleaser, Manny Lehman, Deanne's DJ style is defined by the spirit and energy of house music. Vocal, progressive, underground and tribal beats and rhythms are combined to take her listeners on a unique journey that is marked with sensuality, undeniable energy, and wonderful "dance floor drama". "When I really started going to the clubs and hearing how music was supposed to be played, the best DJ's took me on a musical journey -- a ride. That's what I want for my listeners, a night of music that they remember and come back for over and over again."

Jared Curry

Jared Curry is a resident at Talbott Street Nightclub, where once a month he plays hours of house music to a crowded dancefloor.

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Chocolate the Freaky Afronaut

aka Brandon Kaye.


Johnny Utah


Therapy Nightclub & Lounge

605 E. Market St.
Indianapolis, In 46206

Therapy is no longer open.

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