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High Maintenance

Juiced!, Dustpan, Digi Funk, Shak Street

Hailing from Dallas, TX., a city that has spawned such house music greats as Brett Johnson, JT Donaldson, Demarkus Lewis, and Lance Desardi, the producing tandem of J. Caprice & 4peace, otherwise known as HIGH MAINTENANCE, seem destined to be the next big thing out of Big D! In a city full of, and respected for it's deep house & minimal DJ's, High Maintenance has been makin' their presence felt with their signature funky, dirty, jackin' underground style of house music. Their high energy tag team sets are setting dance floors across the world on fire while their infectious clownin', lighthearted personas make them a crowd favorite.

Both have been accomplished DJ's for quite some time (4peace since '89 and J. Caprice since '96), but it wasn't until Feb. 2008 that things started taking off on the producing front when the two met through a chance encounter on myspace. Needless to say, it was a match made in heaven and like two long lost brothers, J. Caprice & 4peace immediately clicked and started working on tracks together under the guise of High Maintenance. The house music community instantly took notice and the pair have been getting tracks signed at a torrid pace to such respected labels as Digi Funk, Dustpan, Groove Baby, Midwest Hustle, Meltin' Funk, Junky Trunk, Footwear, Bid Muzik, Llama Farm, HuHu, Shak Street, Serial Sickness, Illuminati, Voluptuous, & 3345, as well as their own label JUICED MUSIC, which has firmly established itself as a powerhouse in the worldwide house community. Their tracks have been charted by the likes of Mes, Smokingroove, JR From Dallas, Sonny Fodera, Combined, & Tommy Largo.

With no signs of slowing down and a sound that continues to improve and mature with each release, the future looks very bright for the High Maintenance boys!


Nov 14, 2009 - FUNKIFY w/ High Maintenance (Dallas) & Angel Alanis (Chicago) @ Tru Nightclub

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