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Chachi was born in Valencia, Venezuela and moved to the US during her teenage years. Her initial dive into the music world was as a latin DJ in Tampa, Florida, but later moved on to the midwest, where she fell in love with electronic dance music. Noticed by the local talent, she was asked to join OnTrack and the INHouse DJs, who embrace Electronic Dance Music around Indianapolis and the Midwest. Chachi currently holds a residency at Indy's Metro Nightclub for the Metro Rising parties. She's best known for spinning house music, in which you can really pick up on her latin roots and desire to feel the bass.


Jun 08, 2012 - Champagne DISCO w/ Jared Curry @ Casba
May 17, 2012 - Champagne DISCO w/ Christian @ Casba
May 10, 2012 - Champagne DISCO w/ Corduroy Mavericks @ Casba
Apr 26, 2012 - Champagne DISCO w/ Ashley Ross @ Casba
Apr 19, 2012 - Champagne DISCO w/ DJ Deanne @ Casba
Nov 26, 2010 - 4th Annual K,THX! w David Hollands @ Talbott Street Nightclub
Jun 11, 2009 - Hump Day Pride @ Cosmos

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